Custom Forms

services2Every business requires many forms for conducting business. Many forms need to be compliant with state, federal and local government business regulation. David M. Kulawiak, Inc. can create forms for your business that keep you in compliance with your legal obligations as an employer.

Contact us today to talk about your need for custom forms. Let us create documents that represent your business clearly and in compliance with the law.

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Custom Forms We Can Create For You
• “At Will” Employment
• Offer Letter
• Accident Report
• Application for Education Assistance
• Arbitration Agreement
• Background Research Release
• COBRA Notice
• Computer Usage
• Discipline without Punishment Discussion Guide
• Domestic Partner Declaration
• Employee Invention Assignment
• Employee Termination
• Employment – Executive
• Employment & Compensation History
• Employment Application
• Exit Certification
• Exit Interview
• General Release
• Harassment Complainant Interview
• Harassment Interview Form
• Harassment Witness Interview Form
• Idea Submission
• Implementation Process
• Independent Contractor
• Job Description Worksheet
• Leave of Absence Coordination
• Letter – Offer
• Letter – Rejection (on file)
• Letter – Rejection (Regrets)
• Letter – Termination
• Letter – Thank you for Applying
• Loss Prevention Responsibilities
• New Employee Orientation
• Non-Disclosure – Employee
• Payroll Deduction Authorization
• Peer Review Checklist
• Performance Review Form
• Performance Review Template
• Personnel Status Change
• Policies Manual Intro Memo
• Punishment Questionnaire
• Receipt for Employee Manual
• Reference Release
• Reference Release Waiver
• Safety Policy Violation Report
• Safety Suggestion Form
• Severance Acceptance Agreement
• Telecommuting Agreement
• Uniform Assignment Form

Required Federal Posters
• Workplace Poster Requirements
• Disabilities
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Family Leave
• Heat Stress
• Minimum Wage
• Polygraph
• Safety
• Teen Workers

Appendices include entire transcripts of laws
If you really want to read these, here they are in their entirety.
Family Medical Leave Act
Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Immigration Reform Act
Polygraph Protection Act
Fair Labor Standards Act
Americans With Disabilities Act