Should You Buy Rental Car Coverage?

Travel Insurance

If your vacation plans require a rental car, knowing what your existing insurance policies cover could save you money.


The next time you rent a car and the agent asks whether you want the optional coverages, should you say yes or no? Buying them will add substantially to your car rental costs—if you buy all the additional coverages offered, you’ll add at least $18 to the rental charges per day. Are these coverages worth it? Read on for more information.


The collision damage waiver (CDW) or loss damage waiver (LDW) cost the most of any of the optional coverages, about $10-$25 a day. Although the CDW and LDW are not insurance, they will waive your financial responsibility if a car you rent is damaged or stolen.

When you sign a rental car agreement, you agree to become responsible for any damage to the car. Continue reading “Should You Buy Rental Car Coverage?”

When Life Interferes with Fun: Travel Insurance to the Rescue

When events interfere and make travel planned in advance difficult or impossible, travel insurance can protect your investment.

Families in the South who booked their summer vacations months in advance hardly expected that snow…of all things…might cause them to have to change their plans. Since unusually cold and snowy winter weather in many parts of the U.S. forced school districts to cancel classes, Continue reading “When Life Interferes with Fun: Travel Insurance to the Rescue”

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Foreign travel checklist: Passport – check. Visa – check. Airline tickets – check. Hotel reservations – check. Health insurance coverage – ? Any foreign travel requires some planning. Since nothing can ruin a trip faster than an accident or unexpected illness, don’t forget to check how your health insurance coverage applies outside the U.S.! Continue reading “Do You Need Travel Insurance?”