Why People Don’t Like Thinking about Life Insurance…

…And why they should think about it anyway.

It’s not that buying life insurance is difficult. In fact, it’s actually quite easy, especially when you have an experienced broker to guide you through the process. The challenging part comes in actually deciding to buy life insurance.

Buying life insurance means facing one’s mortality. And many people don’t like to think about their eventual deaths. But the fact is that everyone will die at some point. Continue reading “Why People Don’t Like Thinking about Life Insurance…”

Annuities vs. Life Insurance

Most life insurance companies sell both life insurance policies and annuities. Both require you to be in good health to get the best rates. And both provide financial security. But they play very different roles in your financial portfolio. Continue reading “Annuities vs. Life Insurance”

Life Insurance: Why Group Benefits Aren’t Enough

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 72 percent of all full-time employees in private industry had access to life insurance through their employer. Group life has its pluses, but most families will need additional coverage. Here’s why. Continue reading “Life Insurance: Why Group Benefits Aren’t Enough”

E-Cigarettes and Your Health

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are growing in popularity. How will they affect your health…and your insurance coverages?

Tobacco vs. E-Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,700 chemical compounds, Continue reading “E-Cigarettes and Your Health”

What To Expect When You Apply for Life Insurance

Getting life insurance through a group plan is easy. Just being a member of the group qualifies you for at least a minimum limit policy. If you want higher amounts of coverage, though, you will probably need an individual policy. Here’s what to expect when you apply for life insurance on the individual market. Continue reading “What To Expect When You Apply for Life Insurance”